Online Trading Platform

Suresell is an invoice discounting platforms which offer easy, transparent and reliable business operation to all entities involved in the business transaction. Suresell is beneficial for Wholeseller, Retailers and Financial Institutions which facilitate smart trade operations with the technology.

Suresell seamlessly facilitates the payment operation between Buyer [Retailer] and seller/vendors [Wholeseller].This results in healthier business and an improved business eco system which is beneficial for Buyers/Retailer ,Sellers/Wholeseller and the Financial Institutions.

Suresell connect the Buyer & FINCO & Seller through the digital platform with ease and security. It enables Wholeseller and retailers to the Bill Discounting which unlocks the working capital without impacting the relationship between Buyer & Seller.

  • Single/Unified platform for the Buyer/Retailer, Seller/Wholeseller and the Financial Institutions.
  • Less paper work and easy process.
  • Competitive discount rates
  • Easy and transparent access to the funds
  • Integration with your existing invoicing solutions